Boardroom tussle to blogsite hustle: In our first posting on the Protasco boardroom tussle [read here] that wi...

Boardroom tussle to blogsite hustle Conduct that raise suspicion Pursue the right culprit on the Protasco fiasco Something interesting happened in Beijing Arrogance and insecurity still prevail Open tender for petrol system but not diesel? "Orang Semenanjung sudah gila" Bet some political low life will say Shahrizat get... Could judges misinterpret the law for political ag... "Hindu water", Val Paari and National Unity Dr Chandra, you presume? SIS is sesat "Suka sama suka", or sexual harassment? Kalimah Allah set-up at KLIA 2

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  1. 12 May '15, 6pm

    As one Chong Ket Pen hired syndicate spammer in hope to cover up his wrong doing and mistakes by blaming his saviors Tey Por Yee and Ooi Kuok Onn, Chong's lies are crumbling and falling a part.

    Actually all those who have dealings with Chong Ket Pen especially siphoning public money at large from public services should take note of this cautionary scam artist, by cheating his co workers in JKR for advancement, to play out his co founder Hasnur, later his boss Tun Daim and latest saga his saviors. Beware of doing business with this man eater.

    Find out the real truth here from many of his victims over the years:

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  2. 23 Nov '14, 9am

    As the countdown to next week’s Protasco EGM continues, here are some interesting points to ponder for shareholders who may want to consider why Tey Por Yee should be kicked out from Protasco’s board.

    Actually all those who have dealings with the Tey Por Yee syndicate and also the public at large should take note of this cautionary tale.

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Pursue the right culprit on the Protasco fiasco...

A posting from a blog in our bloglist, Corporate Governance in Malaysia recently [read here ] caught this blog's attention...