27 Mar '11, 2am

Sucker Punch! New Toy! CameraMe!

Sucker Punch! New Toy! CameraMe!

I went in without knowing what the movie was about… so there wasnt any expectations at all. The movie was kinda… awkward + weird + ……. (enter your own word here). I came out from the cinema feeling.. speechless and.. confused whether to say it’s a good or a bad movie. Hence I am not able to generate ratings for this movie. Haha. Didnt expect Vanessa Hudgens to be in it as well.

Full article: http://www.smashpop.net/sucker-punch-new-toy-camerame


'Toy' by Emila Yusof

emilayusof.com 26 Mar '11, 7am

Your little IF girl with her bunny is very cute! Very nice colors. Btw, I love your copyright “stamp.” Sounds like you’ve ...