12 Feb '12, 11am

Old nuggets from my blog: What does MCMC stand for? - Malaysia Comot Manyak Cotor. HAHAHHA ok lousy acronym. ok la...

M alaysia C omot Manyak C otor. HAHAHHA ok lousy acronym. ok la the real answer is: nothing . Yes it stands for nothing. Its neither independent, nor is it just. It is yet another tool. Just another tool. Fine, given that some have went overboard with speculations and maybe even insensitive truths, their actions STILL does not stand to reason. So who can we trust now, how can we be treated right, are we but fools who play right up to your asses, hmm? This is a warning, we may be smarter than you look. If you have eyes in the first place, that is. So I wonder, do you, now?

Full article: http://spinzer.us/2008/08/what-does-mcmc-stand-for/


Would the real Tommy Jordan please stand up?

domaingang.com 11 Feb '12, 6pm

“First off I would like to say I am NOT the Tommy Jordan who shot his daughters laptop…..I don’t even have a kid!!! But if...

Check out the @FINEFIND giveaway!

Check out the @FINEFIND giveaway!

sabrina.sg 13 Feb '12, 6pm

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