24 Jan '14, 4pm

Balik Pulau Sungai Pinang Home Cook Asam Laksa and Fresh Durians

A well maintained wooden house with big gardens which act as a parking lot. The owner of this place is a durian farmer and also he’s trying to convert this house into an antique shop which sell some old stuffs. To cut the story short, we all are here for the laksa and durians. Seriously speaking in KL, there are NO asam laksa stall which are edible. Most of them can’t even beat a single stall in Penang. Asam laksa in Penang I would say should be listed side by side with Char Koay Teow to promote it.

Full article: http://www.foodpoi.com/2010/09/balik-pulau-sungai-pinang-...