30 Oct '13, 3pm

Yesterday's PCA, Tomorrow's ISA

Under the amended PCA, the Home Minister has the power to appoint Inquiry Officers to conduct investigation and surveillance on individuals. They will then procure evidence, whether admissible or inadmissible, legal or illegal, to justify their findings. The Board, acting as a quasi-judicial body, will then have wide discretionary powers to make supervisory orders to curtail individual liberties which are judicially unchallengeable. The Board also has wide discretion to put individuals who are not convicted under detention for a maximum of two years and subject to renewal of a maximum of two years. Do all these sound familiar?

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Back in Sydney now and home tomorrow

harismibrahim.wordpress.com 01 Nov '13, 10pm

Gee Haris as usual you are rightfully stressing the involvement of our youth who have the freshness and the courage that w...