29 Oct '13, 8am

#BobbyOrlemotors #Mitsubishi Pajero ride and drive with Hiroshi Masuoka

#BobbyOrlemotors #Mitsubishi Pajero ride and drive with Hiroshi Masuoka

The Pajero bucked and thumped its way through; it sounded so painful that i was wincing all the way. But nothing broke, and Masuoka put the Pajero through at least 10 rounds of this punishment. With us urging for more and assuring him that we weren’t about to throw up or faint, the mild mannered ace driver pushed harder with every corner. From my front passenger’s view, there were two or three moments where I thought he had lost it, but Masuoka managed to keep the Pajero on trail with milimetres to spare, twirling the steering with a light touch and banging through the autobox’s manual mode – all while smiling. I stepped out of the mud covered Mitsu with my engineer’s helmet totally rearranged! I remembered seeing some wobbly knees too :)

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Ridiculous. Long-drive champ hits 328-yd drive? Big deal. Oh wait... from his KNEES?!?!

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