30 Oct '11, 10am

Racism Through a Blind Man’s Eyes

Racism Through a Blind Man’s Eyes

It is quite easy to postulate that our known experiences define our zone of familiarity or comfort. Anything falling out of the ordinary would alarm us. How sensitive are we? How about if a person speaks the same language with a slightly different accent, a person who has a small tattoo on his neck, a man who likes to wear make-up, a person who seems to have a slightly different skin tone. Our cognitive filter would pick that up in seconds. Our minds are well equipped with preconceived ideas of “us” and “them”. Many of us will find it slightly disconcerting when we first talk to strangers. Our minds are busy or distracted with questions trying to place or pre-judge them. We call them strangers – strange people – people with whom we are not familiar or accustomed to, or people different from us/you. In that logic, we are all rather hard-wired racists.

Full article: http://www.loyarburok.com/2011/10/30/racism-blind-mans-eyes/


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