30 Aug '13, 10am

Lexus ES now in Malaysia – specs and prices released

But ES outsold IS and GS in America. The most boring RX and ES are the best seller over there, new GS which is much sporty is struggling to sell and the sales is very bad compare to previous generation. When someone try to change to a more sporty car, it will lose it’s original customers. And funny is new GS has better handling than F10 5-Series, which is a proven fact and easily can be found online. If Toyota group managed to put in a new generation engine and gearbox, Lexus GS will be the class leader.

Full article: http://paultan.org/2013/08/30/lexus-es-teased-on-facebook/


#OSIM Warehouse Sale starts right now till weekend! Up to 70% off item prices!

#OSIM Warehouse Sale starts right now till week...

greatdeals.com.sg 30 Aug '13, 6am

We are really hoping there will be massage chairs up for sale at 70% off retail prices at OSIM Warehouse Sale 2013 but hey...

Qué es #Arduino???

arduino.cc 31 Aug '13, 3am

Arduino es una herramienta para hacer que los ordenadores puedan sentir y controlar el mundo físico a través de tu ordenad...

Property Prices:

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Pek Chek Kia commented on Property Prices - More like pay for generations... ... Pao pao commented on Bringing Spare - Lol...

The Economist: Malaysia in better shape now

The Economist: Malaysia in better shape now

rockybru.com.my 08 Sep '13, 7am

An accountant to told me a couple of nights ago he was really quite worried about the Ringgit. Seemed to him that in the e...