06 Oct '11, 5am

Beware! Original Collagen Dust cc: @CollagenDust

I am still replying your emails regarding Collagen Dust (Toujours Skin). Sorry for the delay. I've received info that its been sold elsewhere in the online world (forums/spam/fake website), please do not trust these sources, we're afraid the content is not original pastu korang bising tak berkesan. ATAU, korang dah bank in duit tapi si penipu tak hantar product. Jadi, hanya berurusan dengan [email protected] & [email protected] sahaja. Serta bernombor talipon 012-3959779. Selain daripada contact di atas, kami tak bertanggungjawab kalau anda terbeli COLLAGEN DUST FAKE/ TERBANK IN DUIT KEPADA ORANG YANG SALAH! Follow Collagn Dust on Twitter : @CollagenDust :) Have a nice day y'all.

Full article: http://inibelogsaya.blogspot.com/2011/10/original-collage...


Advertorial: Avalon Collagen

Advertorial: Avalon Collagen

junying-diva.blogspot.com 09 Oct '11, 5pm

We woman are always looking at new ways to maintain our elasticity of our youthful skin. There are lots of collagen drinks...

Original Designer Bags For So Much Less

Original Designer Bags For So Much Less

hollyjean.sg 17 Oct '11, 1am

SgBagRental.com is a one stop free online classifieds where you can sell, buy, swap, rent handbags, find bag cleaning serv...

WTS Original 70's Marshall 2x12 Cab

soft.com.sg 08 Oct '11, 7am

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