14 Sep '18, 2am

#Armaggeddon MKA-11R RGB Raptor Review

Most of the Armaggeddon mechanical gaming keyboards are using Outemu blue mechanical switches. Same apply to MKA-11R RGB Raptor. You should know a little bit of this switch if you have read my previous Armaggeddon keyboard reviews. In short, it is the loudest when compare to Cherry MX and Kailh blue switches. Has the lowest actuation force too. Tactile feedback is good but the other two are better. No the best out there but it’s the cheapest among all. What you pay is what you get. But being modular type is great for long term investment. You can replace the switch by yourself manually even warranty is over. No addition fee incurs. That’s great.

Full article: https://www.jayceooi.com/armaggeddon-mka-11r-rgb-raptor-r...