11 Aug '18, 12pm

I’ve had the https://t.co/x0VkC6i4sU

I’ve had the https://t.co/x0VkC6i4sU

Ok, I’ve been pretty involved in the latest data breach, so here’s my side of the story. At around 11pm last Friday, I got a query from Zurairi at The Malay Mail, asking for a second opinion on a strange email the newsdesk received from an ‘anonymous source’ . The email was regular vulnerability disclosure, but one that was full of details, attached with an enormous amount of data. This wasn’t a two-liner tweet, this was a detailed email with outlined sub-sections. It covered why they were sending the email, what the vulnerable system was, how to exploit the vulnerability and finally (and most importantly!) a link to a Google Drive folder containing Gigabytes of data. The email pointed to a Ministry of Education site called SAPSNKRA , used for parents to check on their children’s exam results. Quick Google searches reveal the site had security issues in the past including ...

Full article: https://www.keithrozario.com/


‘The good thing about silver is that it tends to bounce. Thankfully I’ve never dropped anything.’ https://t.co/jzRxhYoMMN

‘The good thing about silver is that it tends t...

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A lot has changed since the 1990s, but what really defines us today is the collection sale. In the past, if a collection w...