26 Jul '11, 11am

Burlesque. FLY YOGA & pole dancing. Trial lessons avail at Dreams Studio, SS15 Subang!

Dreams Studio SS15, Subang – FLY YOGA, POLE DANCING AND BURLESQUE! AFC and E & O – SEARCH FOR AFC’S NEXT CELEBRITY CHEF – It’s A Reality TV Contest! Firefly Trip 2011 – Sibu Night Market & Sibu Central Market, Sarawak Ramadhan Buffet 2011 @ Paya Serai, Hilton PJ Ramadan Buffet 2011: Dorsett Regency KL – RM75++ (RM60 nett now!) Mooncakes at West Lake Garden, Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa Acca Kappa – Voucher: a set of 3 hair brushes at only RM280 (worth up to RM390) FREEDOM: Voice Your Choice SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA on TLC (Astro Channel 707)

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My hair dreams:

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Draw your Dreams by José Ferrufino

Draw your Dreams by José Ferrufino

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How to create a low-budget home yoga studio

How to create a low-budget home yoga studio

mnn.com 29 Jul '11, 8pm

Maybe you are trying to use a yoga video or practice poses from your yoga class, but you end up working harder to dodge cl...