05 Oct '17, 7am

rocky's bru: Malaysiakini picture that paints a thousand words

The "Dr M collapses ..." piece was wrongly attributed to Malaysiakini in my original posting below. The Opposition-friendly news portal had merely processed the story and attributed it to the author of the piece, Umno Online . The headline was also Umno Online's. My apologies to both Malaysiakini and Umno Online.

Full article: http://www.rockybru.com.my/2017/10/malaysiakini-picture-t...


Malaysiakini picture that paints a thousand words

rockybru.com.my 05 Oct '17, 7am

What does the body language tell you? Dr Mahathir collapses at DAP's feet ... Bangsar, 5 Oct: Both the article and the pic...

FemaleSneakerFiend [ In Our Words

femalesneakerfiend.com 15 Oct '17, 3pm

“Something old, Something new” can also apply to how Nike builds its design teams. Rather than taking all the designers wh...