1. 06 Jun '17, 8am

    interesting and effective plan

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  2. 14 Jun '16, 11pm

    Thai Garden Village is a massive no-frills restaurant that can accommodate more than 300 people easily. Guests can sit either in its garden or in the restaurant proper cooled by pirouetting fans. Furnishings comprise a mish-mash of patio-style wooden tables and plastic chairs and tables draped with red cloth. One section of the restaurant serves as a play area for kids.

    The restaurant’s ceiling is pretty high so the level of mercury is not an issue even on a hot afternoon. In the evening, folks from all walks of life pack the garden to the rafters when lighted gazebos and gushing water features create a romantic setting for a quiet dinner.

  3. 22 Apr '16, 8am

    Sharing data doesn't mean that the data will not be wasted. My parents seldom surfing internet, do you expect that with my own usage can finish that much data? Still preferring carry forward. Think I have no more reason to stay. Also, the price still remain the same. Wasted my time for waiting better compensation. Going to port out tmr. BYE~

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  5. 12 May '15, 6pm

    As one Chong Ket Pen hired syndicate spammer in hope to cover up his wrong doing and mistakes by blaming his saviors Tey Por Yee and Ooi Kuok Onn, Chong's lies are crumbling and falling a part.

    Actually all those who have dealings with Chong Ket Pen especially siphoning public money at large from public services should take note of this cautionary scam artist, by cheating his co workers in JKR for advancement, to play out his co founder Hasnur, later his boss Tun Daim and latest saga his saviors. Beware of doing business with this man eater.

    Find out the real truth here from many of his victims over the years:

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  6. 23 Nov '14, 9am

    As the countdown to next week’s Protasco EGM continues, here are some interesting points to ponder for shareholders who may want to consider why Tey Por Yee should be kicked out from Protasco’s board.

    Actually all those who have dealings with the Tey Por Yee syndicate and also the public at large should take note of this cautionary tale.

    Find out more here

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  7. 22 Apr '14, 5am

    lah biasa lah tu berlakon .....Qi kena sabar kan namanya berlakon ....:)

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  8. 14 Apr '14, 1am

    Recently purchased a RAVPower FileHub and its great value really worth the money. Main reason was that it is a simple and reliable product with a SD card slot and USB port to connect a multitude of different storage devices. It acts as both a router with the ability to bridge my home or business to access to the internet, and as a device you can add storage devices some external storage for my documents. All these it works great. Wish I would find this before cause it really a MUST.
    Besides, its 3000Amh external battery helps my smartphone a lot when I am outing! Wonderful bonus! It priced only $49.99 on Amazon makes it more attractive.

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  9. 21 Mar '14, 12pm

    I just finished reading an article about an Etihad 777 EY461 flight on 17Feb14 Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. A passenger, or passengers, lit 5 different fires at different times in the toilet throughout the entire flight. The flight diverted to Jakarta to find the culprits, lighters and matches were confiscated from passengers, but they all got back on the flight to continue to Abu Dhabi. Once over the Indian Ocean there were two more fires lit in the toilets. This is way too much of a coincidence, considering three weeks later Mh370 disappeared. I really hope that Etihad and Malaysia & investigators have cross referenced all pax names on both flight manifests? Very strange. Link to article -

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  10. 08 Sep '13, 4pm

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  11. 08 Sep '13, 4pm

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  12. 15 Aug '13, 2am


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  13. 08 Apr '13, 4pm

    Mcm mne ne jalur lebar ne

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  14. 09 Jan '13, 7am

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  16. 30 Oct '12, 3am

    This is painful to watch haha

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  17. 18 Oct '12, 4am


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  18. 07 Sep '12, 4am

    Saya ada buat kajian lebih 300 barang2 di Tesco, Mydin, Giant dan 99 Speedmart. Takde kesempatan lagi untuk Carrefour. List tu belum complete. Tapi saya ada buat summary list membandingkan semua harga barang untuk lebih 20 barang dan dapat berjimat RM40 untuk 20 barang. List barang2 tu boleh download kat
    Sebenarnya list ni utk mak saya dan saya harap dapat update list ni setiap minggu walaupun dalam kesibukan bekerja di universiti malaya.
    Ini ada kempen kesedaran saya buat dlm kesibukan bekerja

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  19. 11 Jul '12, 7am

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  20. 22 Jun '12, 7am

    Lol, why you look scared!?! haha

  21. 14 May '12, 7am

    oh nooo...i just miss this in tpe:'(

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  22. 22 Apr '12, 11am

    Zaman seklh dl,berebut nk beli sbb gulanye mcm2 color

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  23. 05 Apr '12, 7am

    Who wants one? :)

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  24. 17 Feb '12, 4am


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  25. 15 Feb '12, 6am

    An indulgent weekend stay at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur – WIN IT!! by @wackybecky #lifestyle #blog @wackybecky Post Valentine Giveaway!! @keeyong_c @emmie84

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  26. 23 Dec '11, 10am

    Dr M, in India we have bad roads but true democracy
    December 21, 2011. Last week, Dr Mahathir gave a speech in India which stirred one Indian activist to retort in an open letter to the doctor.
    Dear Dr Mahathir,
    A couple of days back I woke up to newspaper reports which quoted you as saying that India’s democracy is a hindrance to its development and, if we did away with the nuisance of democracy, we will become developed.
    Well, sir, it is heartening to see your concern about India’s future, especially now that our own elected government has orphaned us. To read that someone from the outside cares about our development sounds so very nice.But you see, sir, your (apparently) good intentions notwithstanding, your advice to Indians is, well how should I put it… ill-advised. I’m not really sure if you know much about the history of our nation. Don’t get me wrong.

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  27. 26 Nov '11, 2pm

    Is this real??
    let them happy je sudah......

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  28. 26 Sep '11, 5pm

    semga cnta Q sllu abadi untk selmanx ...aminnnn...

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  29. 26 Sep '11, 8am

    Congratulation Dato.We are so proud of you!

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  30. 08 Jul '11, 12pm

    Bersih 2.0 is still nothing to with most of people in malaysia..we want peacefull life not miserable like this bersih organizers want. if u want a bersih govt..then..built ur own country n u become the govt dont kacau the peacefull life of the biznessmen n other people of malaysia...

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