1. 14 May '12, 7am

    oh nooo...i just miss this in tpe:'(

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  2. 22 Apr '12, 11am

    Zaman seklh dl,berebut nk beli sbb gulanye mcm2 color

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  3. 05 Apr '12, 7am

    Who wants one? :)

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  4. 17 Feb '12, 4am


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  5. 15 Feb '12, 6am

    An indulgent weekend stay at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur – WIN IT!! by @wackybecky #lifestyle #blog @wackybecky Post Valentine Giveaway!! @keeyong_c @emmie84

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  6. 23 Dec '11, 10am

    Dr M, in India we have bad roads but true democracy
    December 21, 2011. Last week, Dr Mahathir gave a speech in India which stirred one Indian activist to retort in an open letter to the doctor.
    Dear Dr Mahathir,
    A couple of days back I woke up to newspaper reports which quoted you as saying that India’s democracy is a hindrance to its development and, if we did away with the nuisance of democracy, we will become developed.
    Well, sir, it is heartening to see your concern about India’s future, especially now that our own elected government has orphaned us. To read that someone from the outside cares about our development sounds so very nice.But you see, sir, your (apparently) good intentions notwithstanding, your advice to Indians is, well how should I put it… ill-advised. I’m not really sure if you know much about the history of our nation. Don’t get me wrong.

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  7. 26 Nov '11, 2pm

    Is this real??
    let them happy je sudah......

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  8. 26 Sep '11, 5pm

    semga cnta Q sllu abadi untk selmanx ...aminnnn...

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  9. 26 Sep '11, 8am

    Congratulation Dato.We are so proud of you!

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  10. 08 Jul '11, 12pm

    Bersih 2.0 is still nothing to with most of people in malaysia..we want peacefull life not miserable like this bersih organizers want. if u want a bersih govt..then..built ur own country n u become the govt dont kacau the peacefull life of the biznessmen n other people of malaysia...

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  11. 24 May '11, 10am

    kadir bin idris
    persatuan sukan chin woo
    9-8-9 kenanga point block c
    jalan gelugor off jalan san ping
    55200 kuala lumpur
    || [email protected]

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  12. 16 May '11, 12pm

    Thanks for the blog. I like adventure so much...

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  13. 04 May '11, 2pm

    Biar btol wat camni.. Sgt HODOH sebenarnye... Tolongla sedar skit... awak sumer tu orang-orang melayu... ISLAM lagi kot,tp x tau la kalo ade yg x.. mende ni sgt-sgt menjatuhkan imej dan maruah org melayu dan juga ISLAM!!!! Tlgla sedar,dunia da makin terok da...danak kiamat da pun...xkan nk wat hal lg...jgla adab sbgi org melayu yg ISLAM!!!

  14. 30 Apr '11, 12pm

    When arrived malaysia sabah?

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  15. 29 Apr '11, 10am

    bajet2 super junior la konon...body kerempeng mcm plywood...plywood lagi tebal rasanya...tiok busuk....

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