1. 09 Jan '18, 2pm

    Okay nak tahu siapa yang design kereta Picanto ni memang cantik. Geram sungguh tengok memang dah lama sangat tunggu macam ni. Picanto ada berapa warna eh? Sebab sebelum ni saya pernah nampak teaser warna kuning.

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  2. 09 Jan '18, 12pm

    Power la designer Picanto baru ni. Baru ni ada nampak teaser design memang power betul, ada berapa pilihan warna entah? Haritu tengok gambar warna kuning saja pun nampak gempak habis

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  3. 09 Jan '18, 12pm

    Woww can't wait to test drive the new Kia picanto ni. Kia always lain daripada yang lain

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  4. 26 Nov '17, 9am

    Basically aku rasa orang Melayu ni malas..malas nak membaca , malas nak tambah ilmu. Pasal tu bila cakap pasal investment mesti terus ingat dah bole goyang kaki n duit akan bertambah sendiri...Kalau nak ikutkan investment ni ada macam2 main forex , ASB , Tabung Haji dan lain2..yang paling intrend skr ni pilihan binari..kalau nak tau lebih bole cek kat sini


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  5. 26 Nov '17, 8am


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  6. 26 Nov '17, 8am

    [best gak kalau boleh](

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  7. 26 Nov '17, 8am

    Main saham memang ada risikonya...pada aku yang paling penting ialah jangan tamak. Sama la jugak kalau kau main forex ke, <a href=""> pilihan binari </a> ke atau apa saja jenis trading. Kena ada ilmu dan jangan tamak. If rasa you have reach amount yang kau nak , just stop dulu utk next trading...

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  8. 26 Nov '17, 8am

    Saya setuju ! Apa pun nak buat kena ada ilmu !

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  9. 09 Nov '17, 2pm

    Apple iPhone 8 And 8 Plus (64/256 GB) Factory Unlocked

    Apple iPhone 8 (64/256 GB)
    Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64/256 GB)

    Colors Availabe: Silver, Space Gray, Gold

    Brand New (Factory Sealed)
    Purchased directly from the Apple Store
    100% original

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Us! Thank you

    Contact Whatsapp : +19362093823
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  10. 01 Nov '17, 12am

    @nitrogen921 Yeah that's the benefit of installment plans. Don't have to spend so much in one go as new phones are pretty much within the range of RM2k to 3k right now, how are fresh graduates gonna survive if that amount is almost equivalent to their one month salary?

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  11. 01 Nov '17, 12am

    @perlinehuiz But sometimes they have no choice tho, because it is too expensive to buy a new phone directly nowadays. So installments is the only choice that they have.

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  12. 01 Nov '17, 12am

    @babykimiko99 Yes it is for prepaid users. The payment isn't really that hard, you can just setup auto debit with your card and the amount that you need to pay will be automatically deducted every month. They also give out free RM30 credit every month so unless you are using alot data then I think it would be sufficient for you already without needing to topup.

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  13. 30 Oct '17, 9pm

    just want to share, my brother he's looking for new phone, but he still a student, he got to spend lot of his saving to get a new phone due to phone broken. i can imagine that is so much cost for them to get a new phone. too bad that time didnt have easyphone plan yet, otherwise he can pay by monthly

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  14. 30 Oct '17, 1am

    mystyletrue, as i know every item you buy without paying one shot cash, the item will be more expensive, i mean pay by installment, there must be a interest, anyway its good also for those who cant afford to buy phone by cash.

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  15. 26 Oct '17, 11pm

    by calculating the amount to pay with this installment plan, the price are getting more expensive after contract, much better i save the money by myself and pay by cash

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  16. 26 Oct '17, 11pm

    i dont think its good installment for teenage, they will keep think of changing new phone, didnt learn to treasure or save money for other purpose.too easy to apply new phone installment is not a good thing also

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  17. 25 Oct '17, 10pm

    no bad, another good choices for teenager which can own a new phone by paying monthly low price .prepaid plan but have a 24-months of auto topped-up benefits, this really make life easier.

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  18. 25 Oct '17, 9am

    Is it really for prepaid users? but if wan to make the payment very difficult lo, need go center, before can just use the apps to top up

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  19. 23 Oct '17, 12pm

    @dominictrial01 Yes you can check it at the Xpax's Easyphone website, it's already updated there. Iphone 8 is available for RM203 per month while Huawei Nova 2i is RM110 per month. Here's the link to it

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  20. 23 Oct '17, 12pm

    Wanna ask is this Easyphone plan available for some of the latest smartphone models like Iphone 8 and Huawei Nova 2I? This article was posted two months ago so want to check is there any update on it.

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  21. 28 Sep '17, 6am

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  22. 20 Sep '17, 8am


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  23. 17 Jul '17, 3am

    hey ya , thats true also .
    Even the promotion is ended , but they still giving the plan with cheapest price for us ya ..what else lets subscribe it .N the most attracted me is they still offered this with an attractive music and video partners like iflix , youtube ,astro go for the video ler..

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  24. 17 Jul '17, 2am

    of course ,its still worth it thats why people still looking for this plan ,
    even the promo is end bt price for the plan is still cheap and the partnership all still the speed line also still good and they giving more data compared to others ler .just give a try

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  25. 17 Jul '17, 2am

    i dont understand why still people subscribe this video and music plan even the promotion is end .. is that still worth it ? the partnership is tht still same ??
    last time i wana to subscribe due to exam and final project i nvr buy this plan ...any suggestion guys , if its still worth it i will buy the plan ...anyone still using this plan ?

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  26. 14 Jul '17, 2pm

    chloeang0011, if can unlimited stream music online i dun think need to download the song dy.

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  27. 14 Jul '17, 2pm

    @angel9191lim, now only i know xpax user also can subscribe iflix use walla plan, previously i tot only celcom first platinum can use, becoz they entitled to 1 year free subscription on iflix if use walla plan.

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  28. 13 Jul '17, 11am

    @Fahren, I agree with your opinion. I also think that the price of this data plan is affordable and it is worth as compared to other telecommunications service provider.

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  29. 13 Jul '17, 10am

    @chloeangoo11, at this pricing is ald affordable....
    can get 40GB for videos a moth with just RM28, isn't it worth?

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  30. 13 Jul '17, 9am

    @chloeang0011, there are many others partners that can stream. for instance JOOX, Yonder Music, kkbox.
    Maybe spotify will be coming out later

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